Empowering women to Embody their Authentic Selves & deeply transform their lives

Transformation & embodiment coaching

You can live more unapologetically & expressed in the world. Let's get you there!

Are you seeking the confidence and freedom to be truly authentic in your life?

I help with deep soul work and bringing love to the places you have kept hidden from the world. It is through these spaces that our power lies. We journey courageously and compassionately to find the consciousness and gifts in it all. I help you to deeply know yourself and experience the freedom to take on life authentically and awaken to your true self.

I'm here to support you in stepping into your power and authenticity so you are free to claim more joy, peace and pleasure in your daily life through mindset, inner work, manifestation and somatic coaching.

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Hi! I'm Katie

Client, kingston ontario

"I've gone through so many transformations in the past year. I can't even remember who I was when I first started. I feel like a different person."

I'm free from so many blocks and pain that used to keep me frozen and spiraling down the same cycles leading nowhere and sometimes backwards. I can't praise Katie enough for her natural ability to guide me through my toughest parts. My resistance becomes my teacher as she has helped me see the way to my own power. I feel like I have so much more to offer everyone else around me and myself. 

Client Love

what they're saying

Create a deeper connection with themselves, their bodies and the world around them

Create more spaciousness to tap into their creative gifts and true purpose in life

Embody their worthiness and let go of old ways of thinking

I help women who are Ready to...

Start playing bigger in their lives and learn to listen and trust the whispers of the heart

Face the blocks holding them back from feeling alignment of mind, body + soul

Feel confident expressing themselves in the world and start taking actions towards their dreams

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